Happy August, y’all! It’s Danielle again from Busy Mom’s Helper and today we’re talking about one of my biggest struggles –Time Management for Bloggers. If I’m the only one that has issues managing my time well, have a little giggle, ignore this post, and I’ll be back next month with something useful for you – although if you ARE managing your time amazingly, you probably are better than me at all blogging aspects and I have no new stuff for you! So let’s just pretend we could all use some time management help with our blogs, okay?

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I think one of the biggest reasons I never seem to have enough time is lack of organization and prioritization. There’s always more to do than can ever be done (please tell me you just sang the Lion King song – because I sure did!) We have to pick and choose what things we’re going to devote our time to. After lots of research, and beginning to implement these into my own life and seeing some success so far, here’s what I suggest:

1. Set Goals
It’s nearly impossible to get to where you want to be if you don’t KNOW where you want to be! Are your goals to grow your traffic? What steps are you focusing on to make that happen? Perhaps increase your Facebook audience, post more frequently, or become a Pinterest ninja? Whatever it is – set some SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.


2. Make A List
Some people hate making lists – but I’m pretty much obsessed with them! If there was a career where I could make lists (like to-do lists, packing lists, etc) all day – I’d be in heaven! I’ve been trying to make my to-do list every evening before I get ready for bed. This way, when I wake up in the morning I go straight into being productive.

3. Prioritize
After making your to-do list you’ll likely STILL have more to do than is realistic. This is where prioritization comes into play. All it comes down to is listing out your tasks out from most important to least important. I know, easier said than done! If you only make it part-way through your list that day, at least you accomplished the most important things.


4. Don’t forget to LIVE
My highest priority is my family, so I need to include them with my to-dos. If I don’t, I may get so busy and focused on blogging stuff that my kids don’t get played with at all that day, or that trip to the park I promised them is totally forgotten (by me – they’d never forget that!). Let yourself, and your family, be priorities!

5. You can’t do it all
The biggest thing for me is feeling like a failure when I can’t do everything I need or want to. I’m working on acknowledging that it’s just not possible, and cutting myself some slack. My hubby now goes over my list with me every night and helps me make it more realistic. If it helps you to have someone keep your feet planted, get someone!


Other Time Management Tips for Bloggers

* Use a calendar/planner to stay organized – I’m currently using my own 2015 Free Printable Planner and love how many areas (month, week and day) it has to organize my schedule!

* Set a timer – you’d be surprised how much more you get done if you know you only have 15 minutes (example). This is especially good for social media so you don’t get sucked in!

* Learn what time of day you function the best mentally, and save your brain-heavy tasks for then. Do random busy-work when you’re a little more sluggish.

* In your email, create some generic responders. For example, I get a lot of people asking if they can guest post to my blog (it’s usually a business looking for free advertising in said post). I just click a button and my saved email fills in and I send it.

* Keep a notepad (or multiple) nearby wherever you go. If you think of a post idea, a task you forgot, a company you want to try and work with or whatever – write it down so you’re not trying to keep it in your mind forever.

What are YOUR best Time Management tips for Bloggers?

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