The Makings of a Great Blogger Business Card

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Minted.

As a blogger, it’s important to have business cards at the ready to hand out to people when you start engaging them about your blog. Especially if you have plans to attend a blogging conference. Here are the must have items you need on your business card:

1. Your name (you can chose to put your full name or just your first name…whatever you are comfortable adding)
2. Your blog name
3. Your blog URL
4. Your social media accounts (if you are the same across all your channels, you could write “Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest @blahblahblah”)
5. Your email address
6. Contact information other than your email address like your phone number (but you definitely do not have to do this)
7. A picture of you (so people will remember who you are once they walk away)
8. A quick blurb of who you are

Get creative! Have fun with your design!

Here’s my […]