Howdy y’all, & welcome to our final post together here on Texas Women Bloggers..!

It’s sad to go, but I’ve had a lot of fun posting each week here, & felt like this week would be a great week for us to do an awesome craft together. I wasn’t quite sure how I could tie a craft tutorial in to “Learning to Bloom Where You are Planted” as I looked about my craft supplies, but then… my eyes landed upon my scrap box! Bingo!

I don’t know about you, but I drive my sweetie crazy with all the trips to the craft stores I go on just to get supplies I already have at home — my reasoning is sound, though! It’s not the right colour, the right size…the excuses go on…! However, in the spirit of being “thrifty” & trying not to spend money on things I don’t need — (I have 3 hot glue guns because I kept finding them on sale & forgetting where I had put my last one)–  I decided that I would use what I had from my scraps & bits & bobs to create something just lovely!  I’ve wanted to make more jewelry lately, so I decided to try my own version of the neat pearl & ribbon bracelets I’ve seen all over these interwebs lately.

First up, here are the supplies I used:

* Leftover ribbon (black)

* Leftover glass pearls (in two shades of pink — any beads will do, really.)

* Leftover jewelry wire (most of these bracelets that I’ve seen are made using stretch cord, but I don’t have any — you could also use regular old thread, if you’d like!)

* Wire cutters and/or scissors (depending on your other supplies)


Now, truth be told, I sort of just saw one of these online & didn’t see if there was a proper tutorial, so I sort of just guessed my way through it, but I think I did a fair job. I eyeballed the length & such to get something that looked good on my wrist. Maybe one day I’ll have a proper go at it, but I did enjoy creating this, so no worries here! 😀
I pulled out a few inches worth of ribbon before inserting my needle & thread wire in to a piece of the ribbon that I’d folded over. I added a glass pearl, then folded the ribbon around it to insert the needle & wire through the other side of the ribbon. Have a look here to get a better idea of what I mean:


I continued in this fashion, occasionally pausing to wrap the bracelet around my wrist to eyeball a good length, until I had used up nearly all of my beads! Once I’d reached a good length (about an inch gap from each end when wrapped around my wrist), I took the wire & re-inserted it back in to the ribbon about a millimeter off from where it came out & threaded it back through each glass pearl. This provided a steadier “support” (if you will) for my bracelet, meaning no pearls will be flipping over while I wear it! Bwahaha!


One tricky thing to remember before threading the wire back through, however: make sure you pull enough wire through initially before going back; otherwise you’ll run out of room to work! (You’ll see what I mean once you get there.)
After I’d reached the end, I used the wire cutters to snip the wire, leaving two lengths to tie together, making a nice little knot at the very end of the ribbon. I did this twice, as a precaution. I then used the wire cutters to trim the wire ends down as close as possible to the ribbon without compromising the integrity of the knot. (We don’t want any busted bracelets here!) If you’re using actual thread, before trimming down — or even before tying a knot — you can thread the needle to the underside of the bracelet, making the knot hidden from view. Probably a classier way to do it methinks. 😉


After this, I snipped the ends of the ribbon down to size & then discovered why people had been making these with stretchy cords. ☹ Most unfortunately, I had made the ribbon ends too short, so attempting to tie a bow (which is already difficult one handed) was a complete failure. Boo tried to help me, but his big man hands proved too…well, big. I then tied it (barely) around his wrist (you know it’s love it your man lets you use him to help you model projects), but lucky for you I decided that image just looked far too weird to photograph. So I did my best attempt at a bow with my one hand, & here it is:


Awww….!! I love it! Even with its slight wonkiness, it’s super cute!! I’ll definitely try this again using the stretchy ribbon, & I’d love to try making one as a doggie necklace (one of our pups just LOVES wearing her little jewelry!)
I hope you’ve all enjoyed learning to bloom where you’re planted with me, & I really hope to see you over at my little slice of the internet soon! May you all have wonderful & relaxing weekends, too. ☺

As ever… Cheers!!
EliseGrossElise is an artist, crafter, DIYer, & geek. You can find her artwork at her personal Etsy shop, & her other creations at the shop she shares with her Mum & G’ma. She blogs about her adventures in crafting at CheekyGeeks, & sometimes writes freelance articles at Yahoo Voices.

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