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I’m pretty sure we’re all guilty of making excuses about why we “don’t have time to write” — Kids, pets real jobs, obligations, etc. — But the reality is, if we’re serious about something, in this case writing for our blogs, we’ll make it a priority!


– If you tell yourself you have “no time” you’re making an excuse. Blogging is a choice, so writing for your blog is a choice too! Schedule a time for writing and stick to it!

– Prioritize. Schedule your writing time the same way you would schedule a Doctor’s appointment or your child’s sports activity. Put it in the calendar and then make it happen.

– Whatever time you schedule for your self, 30 minutes, a whole hour or more, write for the WHOLE time. If you finish one post, move right onto the next. When your time is up, finish your thought, save your draft and go about your day.

– Finding a writing routine that works for you is critical. Music, coffee, tea, location all bits and pieces that can play a part in setting up your ideal routine. Location is pretty key — find a place that limits the distractions. Once you find the routine that works for you, your brain will begin to associate those bits and pieces with writing and the actual writing will begin to be easier.

Putting these tips into place will help make your writing time easier AND more productive!

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