Having moved to the DFW area just recently, there’s still a vast amount of exploring for my husband, Joe, and me to do. We started really branching beyond our suburb a few weeks ago by taking a Saturday in Denton.

I had driven through Denton’s downtown on my way to an advising appointment in January, and it looked really neat, so it had been on my list for a while to spend a day becoming familiar with it. When I got into the Master of Library Science program at UNT a few weeks later, I was ecstatic and insisted as soon as possible that we go romp around downtown and campus!
Around the courthouse we found tons of independent businesses, a food truck court, a huge selection of coffee shops; it’s basically a paradise for college students, 20-somethings, and anyone who likes a big city social feel. It’s a pretty average-sized American town, but the square felt like the streets of New York City with how busy and vibrant it is!
The businesses we visited even allowed us to bring our corgi, Ruby, inside (with permission) which was really amazing of them. She was a hit at Recycled, an incredible used book store on one corner of the square. Recycled was super neat, and had a massive selection in its maze of bookshelves.
books for tall people
marine room
I also grabbed an iced caramel latte from Jupiter House, which is apparently the best in Denton — and it was, indeed, delicious — but there was so much coffee choice that I’ll have to try something different each time I go, then I can decide for myself.
coffee 1coffee 2
Of course I had to pop into Circa 77 Vintage, where I chatted with a woman who I believe is the owner’s daughter. (I found an amazing vintage hat with mink and satin. I’ll be styling it into a bloggable outfit as soon as possible!) I’ve been wanting to start playing with vintage hats for a while, and the one I bought at Circa 77 was perfect!
circa 77 exterior
circa 77 interior
The UNT campus was really nice, too. I don’t know precisely where I’ll be having classes, but I popped by the Library Building (which I think houses a main campus library for general undergraduate use) and we strolled around and took some pictures. After we were done with town, we found a pond Joe could fish in, and I lazed around in the sun with Ruby for a while.
ruby and footprints
All in all, I really adored our Saturday in Denton, and I hope to be spending more time there when I start my on-campus classes!
UNT sign

kira brennan bioKira Brennan is a 20-something who recently moved to the DFW area. She loves vintage needlecraft, fashion, art, and travel. She lives in a little house with her husband, two cats, and a corgi.
Blog: The Kira Bee | Twitter: @thekirabee

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