Hello, I’m Jeannie and I’m a Texas Woman Blogger. I look forward to Spring Break every year because I’m a grand mom who loves entertaining the grand’s. This year they don’t have break on the same week. Fortunately the boy and girl grand live nearby so that great grand could play after they get home from school and on the weekend. It was a great week in our rural town visiting Copper Breaks State Park and building sand castles on the Red River. Alas the week came to an end and we had to return him to his mom. We made plans to meet at the Zoo in Abilene, Texas for the hand off.
1 zoo image
We got up early on hand off day and drove to Abilene for some final activities at the Abilene Zoo. None of us had been there before. We found it easily. It is a perfect size zoo for the three hour lay over we had. The two boys are less than a year apart and had a blast. They particularly loved the snakes, turtles, and lizards. They paid a lot of attention to the Cobras, like boys do.
2 cobra snake image
Girl Grand was impressed with the white tiger who was a bit camera shy and the giraffe who was in seclusion because the habitat was under construction preparing for April 23, a grand celebration for the new baby giraffe’s arrival. We could see the giraffe peeking over a very tall fence causing the park
visitors to get excited and ooo and ahhh. I was a bit disappointed we couldn’t see it but understand the baby giraffe needs some adjustment time before the big debut.
3 red birds image
DIL and I loved the birds, especially the flamingos and the brilliant red ones.3 flamingo image
There is a fun interactive gem mining exhibit for an extra fee where the grand’s screened through the purchased sand for a variety of gem stones. They really had fun with it and we felt it was worth the extra fee to see their faces as they discovered the different stones.4 gem panning image
We took a break for hamburgers and hotdogs then watched monkeys swing about and large black bear sleeping. We made our way around visiting more animals and ended back at the carousel. We had purchased the extra tokens needed at the entrance to ride. Even baby grand giggled as we rode round and round.5 wood park image
A few more animals and we ended our visit with a train ride through the zoo and some souvenirs at the gift shop. The boys couldn’t ignore the large wooden play park so I walked with them to play until great grand’s mom arrived to take him home. It was such a terrific day. Perhaps we’ll get to make another trip to enjoy the splash park they spotted behind the wood park and picnic in the lovely park along the lake bank.

For information on location, times, and prices check the Abilene Zoo web page. While you are looking there, go ahead and print off a zoo map. We were a bit disappointed they had run out and had to navigate the zoo without a map. It was not difficult but when you have a 6 year old obsessed with maps, it’s sad.

Get discount coupons here. Though I thought the entrance fee was quite reasonable, it’s always nice to have the discount. If you’d like to see more Texas photos and review or more about our spring break week I’d love for you to come visit my blog; For What It’s Worth – Jeannie

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