Are you ready for fall? I think everyone in Texas is eagerly awaiting the cooler temperatures. I know that I am! We all have different ways of preparing ourselves, our homes, our wardrobes, etc. for the next season. I thought I’d share some of the things that I do to prepare for fall since it will be here in a few short weeks.

1. I bring out my deeper colored lipsticks. Yes, I’m the girl who can’t get enough in the way of beauty products, so I thought my first preparation that I would mention would involve makeup. I love deep wines and plums but reserve them for fall and winter.

2. Fall cleaning – We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, right? Well I do this with the change of every season so things don’t pile up. I have my donation pile, my trash pile and my storage pile. I don’t allow myself to keep things that I haven’t been using anymore. Things are much tidier with this method.

3. I get out my Fall décor. I enjoy adding touches of fall décor around the house. This includes a wreath on the front door and a few items on the mantle in our family room.

4. I shop at Bath and Body Works for their fall scented candles and soaps. These are my favorite scents and let’s just say that I go a little bit overboard.

5. I start wearing fall colored nail polish. There will be no more hot pinks and corals for me. I automatically start to wear deep dark shades. It seems to happen like clock work.

6. I make sure I’m stocked up on serving pieces and recipes for guests during football games. Pinterest is truly my best friend when it comes to seeking out easy to prepare snacks and desserts to feed a crowd.

7. Most stores are now stocked up on fall clothing. I look for a few key pieces to add to my wardrobe to add a freshness factor. I often add new jeans and at least a sweater, cardigan and/or a few new tops. I also try to pick up a versatile pair of boots that can be worn throughout fall and winter. I try to do this early in the season so that my size is still available in the style that I want.

8. I check online to find special events that I might be interested in attending. We have so many festivals, concerts and more here in Texas (including the State Fair) that I like to put a few on my calendar so I don’t forget about them.

Let me know what you do to prepare for Fall. Is this a season that you look forward to as much as I do?


Post Written By: Stacie from Makeup Obsessed Mom
small-photoStacie is a beauty and lifestyle blogger over at Makeup Obsessed Mom. She writes reviews of beauty products and shares tidbits from her busy life as a mom to three college students.
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