Six Affordable Garden Tips to Keep Your Flowers Healthy All Season

Flowers are totally my happy place this time of year! After a long, bare winter, it feels so great getting to spruce up the backyard and patio area with beautiful flowers! Flower are just an instant mood booster too. Despite a bad day, being outside with flowers and natures is the best way to turn it around for good. 🙂

I am a huge advocate for container gardens. They are perfect for anyone in a house or apartment, plus they are easier to care for with harsh Texas weather. I also have many flowers that I grow straight in the ground. I try to keep these to ones that do well in this environment, like roses!

Over the last ten years of flower gardening, having a chemistry degree, and taking horticulture, I have some super easy, affordable (even free!) flower garden tips that will keep everything looking beautiful all season long […]

Exploring the Abilene Zoo – Abilene, TX

Hello, I’m Jeannie and I’m a Texas Woman Blogger. I look forward to Spring Break every year because I’m a grand mom who loves entertaining the grand’s. This year they don’t have break on the same week. Fortunately the boy and girl grand live nearby so that great grand could play after they get home from school and on the weekend. It was a great week in our rural town visiting Copper Breaks State Park and building sand castles on the Red River. Alas the week came to an end and we had to return him to his mom. We made plans to meet at the Zoo in Abilene, Texas for the hand off.

We got up early on hand off day and drove to Abilene for some final activities at the Abilene Zoo. None of us had been there before. We found it easily. It is a perfect size zoo […]

Exploring My New Home State: A Day in Denton

Having moved to the DFW area just recently, there’s still a vast amount of exploring for my husband, Joe, and me to do. We started really branching beyond our suburb a few weeks ago by taking a Saturday in Denton.

I had driven through Denton’s downtown on my way to an advising appointment in January, and it looked really neat, so it had been on my list for a while to spend a day becoming familiar with it. When I got into the Master of Library Science program at UNT a few weeks later, I was ecstatic and insisted as soon as possible that we go romp around downtown and campus!

Around the courthouse we found tons of independent businesses, a food truck court, a huge selection of coffee shops; it’s basically a paradise for college students, 20-somethings, and anyone who likes a big city social feel. It’s a pretty average-sized American […]

Top 5 Items Bloggers need for Networking/Social Media Events

Top 5 Items Bloggers need for Networking/Social Media Events:

When I attended my first Blogger conference I quickly learned the essential items that every Blogger should bring to any social media or networking event. To this day I pack my bag with the same items. If you have seen me at a conference you will know that I always end up with more bags than I come with but that’s part of the Blogger swag that’s inevitable.

I have over the last 3 years acquired all my equipment and perfected my methods of networking but my bag is always filled with the following 5 things:

1) Camera- Now, I didn’t start off with a fancy anything, as a matter of fact my first year or so my phone was my camera. Or, I would ask my Blogger friends to take pictures and then I would post their pics and give them […]