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Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday as seen around Texas…

Photo Submitted byBusy Being Jennifer
Wordless Wednesday

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Tech Tuesday: Don’t Let Your Niche Define What you Share

Do you put yourself into a blogging box? Paint yourself into the proverbial blogging corner? Stick to one topic and one topic only? Its time to rethink your blogging strategy!

We all have our area of expertise… I’m a lifestyle and crafty blogger, some of you are foodies, DIYer’s or fall into other niches. Its great to identify with a particular area to help give your blog and brand identity. BUT, please, I beg you, don’t let your niche define what your share, and how you help other bloggers!

Nice Blogging

Just because I don’t have children, doesn’t mean I don’t retweet something related to kids. I also have pinterest boards dedicated to kids stuff. Just because you may be a foodie blogger, doesn’t mean you won’t pin or share a craft project. And Just because you’re a Parenting blogger, doesn’t mean that you won’t share on Fb about the awesome recipe you just tried or the outfit you found on pinterest that you can’t live with out!

Now, I’m not telling you to share things that don’t make sense with who you are and who you want to be, but if you put limits on what you’re going to share and how you’re going to help support other bloggers (particularly in the TXWB Network) you’re doing yourself, your fellow network members and, most importantly, your readers a dis-service.

As bloggers we’re supposed to be “experts” in our area. Not only are we supposed to be experts on particular areas, our readers also look to us as a resource. They want to know what interests us, what products we use, what brands we love and they want to meet the other bloggers we know and love , even if they are not in the same genre/niche as you.

Don’t back yourself into a corner with the content (and not just your own) that you share! Be open to discovering new Topics your readers might be interested in on social media and support all the members of our amazing community/network!

Blogger of the Month: Homemade Guacamole

Texas is famous for their awesome Tex Mex dishes. My family loves to create our own Tex Mex dishes, serve them up and eat them for days! One of our favorite appetizers to serve is Guacamole. My husband was nice enough to let me share how he mixes it up. It is simple, but delightfully delicious and can be served with chips as a dip or topped on a cheeseburger.


how to make guac

homemade guacamole

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Aimee from House of FaucisAimee from House of Fauci’s. Born and bred in the great state of Texas! I have 6 kids, 1 husband, a mini farm and I am a WAHM and a blogger. My family is my life and I love sharing them with you.

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