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Top 5 Items Bloggers need for Networking/Social Media Events

Top 5 Items Bloggers need for Networking/Social Media Events

Top 5 Items Bloggers need for Networking/Social Media Events:

When I attended my first Blogger conference I quickly learned the essential items that every Blogger should bring to any social media or networking event. To this day I pack my bag with the same items. If you have seen me at a conference you will know that I always end up with more bags than I come with but that’s part of the Blogger swag that’s inevitable.

I have over the last 3 years acquired all my equipment and perfected my methods of networking but my bag is always filled with the following 5 things:

1) Camera- Now, I didn’t start off with a fancy anything, as a matter of fact my first year or so my phone was my camera. Or, I would ask my Blogger friends to take pictures and then I would post their pics and give them credit. If you network correctly you end up with the best Blogging buddies, who never mind sharing pictures with you. Of course as the months went by I knew I needed a good camera. Honestly some small point and shoot take the best pictures ever. As well as a really good phone.

2) Cell Phone- It’s a no-brainer, if you are like me, your phone is your everything. I have easy access to all my social media apps. Quick access to recording both video and audio as well we taking quick pictures to post on several social media outlets as once. I also take a ton of notes on my phone. Plus you know people call and text me, by people I mean my Husband and kids. They wonder where I am all the time. Go figure.

3) I-Pad/Tablet (or laptop)- I have never been huge on laptops they are not my favorite computer, at all. I prefer a good old desktop or even my phone and I-pad serve the same purpose. My I-pad sometimes has better features and a bigger view than my cell-phone. Or, if I need to multitask and be on both devices at the same time it’s super handy. Since my I-pad has a keyboard it’s sometimes easier to take notes on it. It also takes great pictures and video. The extra device is always good for backup. Depending on the type of event I might not even use it but I like to take it with me. Just in case.

4) Promotional Items and Business cards- These items are so useful for people to get to know you and your blog. A simple business card can tell brands so much about you and what you write about, having them is a must! This year I invested in pens, best idea ever. I love having that extra items, allows other to know that you are serious about your blog and growing it. I feel like even if you are a small blog and just starting, but planning on making this your business creating promotional items is very helpful. I wouldn’t invest large amounts of money in the beginning. I purchased my pens in bulk for no more than $75.00. I look for deals everywhere.

5) Notebook- Yes, I bring at least 2 notebooks everywhere I go. Not only because I am obsessed with them but because I love to write. Sometimes, I just love my pen touching the paper. I am a bit nerdy. I used to have the best handwriting, these days technology has affected this. So, when I can I try to write with pen and paper and not rely so much on my phone or computer. Truly sometimes it’s fast and easier to simple open my notebooks and start writing as opposed to having to turn on a device and wait for it to load or open.

You will find that some travel lighter than others but at the end of the day being well prepared it better than not being prepared at all. Knowing the type of event and what the agenda is, is always good to find out before hand. I might take these items and only ever use my camera. Other times, I have regretted forgetting my camera or not bringing a notebook. Which is why I fill my bag with everything I need and keep them close by. You will learn what occasions call for a full bag versus a simple purse and cell-phone. Happy Networking and good luck!

Blogger of the Month: 9/11 Memorial in Grapevine, TX

We recently had the anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11. I was in Grapevine, Texas on that day and decided to visit the memorial and pay my respects to those that were lost. I had no idea how extensive the memorial was despite driving past it a few hundred times. I’m glad I took the time to visit and hope you will too if you’re ever in the area.

The 9/11 memorial sits at the corner of Northwest Highway and Texan Trail. It was built as a memorial to the flight crews who lost their lives on that tragic day. The center of the memorial features a 14-foot high bronze sculpture with five figures representing two pilots, two flight attendants, and a child. The sculpture faces West on a compass rose. There are engraved pavers that encircle the sculpture. The granite slabs are engraved with the names of the pilots and the crew members who were lost that day.

In addition to the sculpture dedicated to the flight crew, there are additional artifacts at this site. There is a piece of metal from the World Trade Center, a piece of stone from the crash site in Shanksville, Pennsylvania and two limestone fragments from the Pentagon. There is also a bronze statue of a firefighter along with a memorial to the 343 firefighters that lost their lives that day as well.

I’m a very emotional person and being at this memorial made my heart ache a little as tears flowed from my eyes. Visiting places such as these put life into perspective. We should enjoy each day with a grateful heart, hug our loved ones and do our part to make the world a better place.

911 memorial
911 memorial 8
911 memorial 6
911 memorial 5
911 memorial 4
911 memorial 2
911 memorial 3

Post Written By: Stacie from Makeup Obsessed Mom
small-photoStacie is a beauty and lifestyle blogger over at Makeup Obsessed Mom. She writes reviews of beauty products and shares tidbits from her busy life as a mom to three college students.
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Blogger of the Month: Preparing for Fall


Are you ready for fall? I think everyone in Texas is eagerly awaiting the cooler temperatures. I know that I am! We all have different ways of preparing ourselves, our homes, our wardrobes, etc. for the next season. I thought I’d share some of the things that I do to prepare for fall since it will be here in a few short weeks.

1. I bring out my deeper colored lipsticks. Yes, I’m the girl who can’t get enough in the way of beauty products, so I thought my first preparation that I would mention would involve makeup. I love deep wines and plums but reserve them for fall and winter.

2. Fall cleaning – We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, right? Well I do this with the change of every season so things don’t pile up. I have my donation pile, my trash pile and my storage pile. I don’t allow myself to keep things that I haven’t been using anymore. Things are much tidier with this method.

3. I get out my Fall décor. I enjoy adding touches of fall décor around the house. This includes a wreath on the front door and a few items on the mantle in our family room.

4. I shop at Bath and Body Works for their fall scented candles and soaps. These are my favorite scents and let’s just say that I go a little bit overboard.

5. I start wearing fall colored nail polish. There will be no more hot pinks and corals for me. I automatically start to wear deep dark shades. It seems to happen like clock work.

6. I make sure I’m stocked up on serving pieces and recipes for guests during football games. Pinterest is truly my best friend when it comes to seeking out easy to prepare snacks and desserts to feed a crowd.

7. Most stores are now stocked up on fall clothing. I look for a few key pieces to add to my wardrobe to add a freshness factor. I often add new jeans and at least a sweater, cardigan and/or a few new tops. I also try to pick up a versatile pair of boots that can be worn throughout fall and winter. I try to do this early in the season so that my size is still available in the style that I want.

8. I check online to find special events that I might be interested in attending. We have so many festivals, concerts and more here in Texas (including the State Fair) that I like to put a few on my calendar so I don’t forget about them.

Let me know what you do to prepare for Fall. Is this a season that you look forward to as much as I do?


Post Written By: Stacie from Makeup Obsessed Mom
small-photoStacie is a beauty and lifestyle blogger over at Makeup Obsessed Mom. She writes reviews of beauty products and shares tidbits from her busy life as a mom to three college students.
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Blogger of the Month: Meet Stacie!

1. Born: I was born in NY small-photo

2. Raised: I moved to south Florida when I was 10, then left for college out of state at 18 and never went back.

3. Lineage: Most of my heritage is from Eastern Europe, including Russia, Poland and Romania.

4. Educated: I actually have 2 Bachelors Degrees. The first was in Liberal Arts from Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. My second Bachelors was in Occupational Therapy from The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.

5. Significant Other: This December I will be married for 25 years to my soul mate James.

6. Responsible for: My kids are all in college. Yay! I also have one neurotic dog…

7. Day job: Blogger, shopping addict, Starbucks drinker, reservation maker and mom

8. Blog(s): Makeup Obsessed Mom

9. Other passions: I’m a long time Youtube beauty vlogger. I also enjoy reading and educating myself on all topics. I’m a walker and enjoy the time for deep thinking while getting in my daily exercise.

10. Favorite author/books: I enjoy reading true stories and biographies. I also love my makeup book collection.

11. Favorite blogs: I ready so many blogs every single day on every single topic.

12. Dream vacation: Somewhere with crystal blue water, 75 degree temperatures and pina coladas.

13. On Twitter: I’m an avid user at @thejools123.

14. Where else to find her: Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook

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